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Eliezer Yaari (born 1949) is an accomplished Israeli journalist, author and film maker. He started his career at the Israel Broadcasting Authority (1977-1998). He served in a wide range of positions including director of programming, field producer of documentaries, chief editor and anchorperson of news magazines. After his work in television, Eliezer was appointed CEO of the New Israel Fund and in his role established civil society organizations in Israel, human rights and social justice organizations. (1998-2010)

Today, Eliezer is active on a variety of platforms, including radio, photojournalism and electronic media, and his weekly column "From Time to Time" broadcast on "Kan" network B and also distributed online, is very popular.

Eliezer has a B.A. in history and philosophy (Hebrew U) and M.A. in Public Administration (Harvard University)


His recent documentary "The Checkpoint Women: Memories" (2023) was a finalist at the Jerusalem Film Festival for best documentary. On November 2023 the film received the Shulamit Aloni prize for the best film promotes human rights, social justice and co-existence. His previous documentary "The Optimists" (2018) also deals with the issues of the coexistence of Palestinians and Israelis through the prism of the day-to-day life in Jerusalem and the utopia that one Palestinian from Jerusalem is trying to realize in Kibbutz Ketura in the Arava.


His books: "Back to the Titanic" (short stories 1992) "Crossings" (novel 2003) "Beyond the Mountains of Darkness" (documentary, 2016) "Every So Often" (documentary 2021)

Eliezer manages the family foundation he established with his brothers in memory of their late mother Yaffe London Yaari to support women's organizations. He is a member of the boards of several social organizations and an active volunteer in promoting relations between the residents of East and West Jerusalem.

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